Happy Tower

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Happy TowerBuild and improve your skyscraper, make people happy, develop your own business!


About game “Happy Tower”

Happy Tower is a mobile browser online strategy game. It attracts attention by its plot and economic details. More than 10.000 people play the game at the same time. Your purpose is to build a Happy Tower. Number of stores is unlimited. You just need to have enough resources for building each story.

Coins and banknotes are two main forms of currency in the game. After building of each story a player has to decide what to locate on this floor. You can allot the floor for living area or choose one of the business fields. For example entertainment, art or food.

Your employees they live in the living area of your skyscraper. Keep in mind that the virtual workers of the Happy Tower have different talents and preferences as in reality. Somebody is good at selling of biscuits others are trained to work in entertainment.

Moreover all of your subordinates have jobs which they dream about. These workaholics should be appointed to appropriate posts in the first place. Customers will come and you should take them on the right floor.

For this purpose there is a lift which you operate by yourself. For proper treatment customers can tip you in coins or even bucks besides purchasing. Every field of business has its goods. And you have to monitor the availability of products. If not failure at business leads to decrease in profit. Producing goods takes real time.

There is an opportunity to accelerate the process by paying. All depends on demand and cost. Furthermore building is in real-time mode. The higher the more time the construction of each store takes.

Though you may accelerate constructing with help of money. And VIP-clients could help if you convey them on the right floor.

There is no need to play permanently — the game goes on after quitting. So you always earn coins but getting bucks needs your real participation in life of the Happy Tower.

The game provides lots of tool to control business and monitor the mood of the tenants.

At first glance the game may look like a boring and monotonous one. But after building the tenth store, establishing the business and moving into you will have to look after different sides of the game taking into consideration income and spending.

Game screenshots “Happy Tower”

Happy Tower1Happy Tower2Happy Tower3Happy Tower4

Requirements and platforms:

  • Mobile browser (preferably Opera mini)
  • Internet on your mobile phone
  • iOS, Android, any phone


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  1. help my account I’m not open this

  2. please help me to change my password and give me a sending pattern to change it

  3. I want play

  4. Erika join me in mocospace where u can play happy towers and lots of othergames my profile name in happy towers is chainsmokerz…:)

  5. Personally I think its a good game. Except for the Moderator Happystyx, seems to unfair in his judgements, No reasoning for singling certain people out, very disrespectful to some. not to mention he has before got kicked out of a city for being disrespectful. If it was not for that 1 person in charge, It would be a really good game for people to game and have fun., Seriously, This guy should not be in charge.

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